Mohammad Zakaria, PhD

Professor, Department of Textile Engineering, DUET, Gazipur

Mobile: +8801719781698
Email: [email protected]
Office: 49274034-53 Extn: 4233
Address: Office: Room No. TW 208, Textile Workshop Building, Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, 1707, Gazipur City Corporation, Gazipur
Field of interest: Electrospinning, Nanofiber, Polyolefins, Concrete Composites, Weaving.
Field of specialization: Materials Science and Fiber Engineering
Degrees Obtained (Starting from Recent Degrees):
# Degree Institute Year Discipline & Field
1 PhD University of Fukui, Japan 2021 Frontier Fiber Technology and Science
2 M.Sc. in Eng. Bangladesh University of Textiles 2014 Fabric Manufacturing Engineering
3 B.Sc. in Eng. Dhaka University 2008 Fabric Manufacturing Technology
Employment Record (Starting from Present Position):
# Designation Institute Duration
1 Associate Professor Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology 2021-05-20 : Continue
2 Assistant Professor Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology 2013-04-18 : 2021-05-19
3 Lecturer Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology 2010-01-18 : 2013-04-17
4 Senior Executive Officer (Weaving) Paramount Textile Ltd. 2009-09-01 : 2010-01-17
Publications (Journal):
# Year Title Authors Event
1 2022 Structural analysis and dye removal behavior of amorphous titania embedded poly(vinyl butyral) hybrid fiber A. H. Bhuiyan, M. Zakaria, and K. Nakane RSC Adv.
2 2021 Utilization of polyvinyl butyral-zirconium alkoxide hybrid hollow tube as an enzyme immobilization carrier A. H. Bhuiyan, T. Nagakawa, M. Zakaria, and K. Nakane Journal of Material Science (Springer), Volume: 56, no. 14 pp: 8668-8678
3 2020 Effects of varying melt flow rates on laser melt‐electrospinning of low‐density polyethylene nanofibers M. Zakaria, K. Shibahara, A. H. Bhuiyan, and K. Nakane Journal of Applied Polymer Science (Wiley), Volume: 138, no. 11 pp: 50282
4 2020 Melt-Electrospun Polyethylene Nanofiber Obtained from Polyethylene/Polyvinyl Butyral Blend Film M. Zakaria, K. Shibahara, and K. Nakane Polymers, Volume: 12, no. 2 pp: 457
5 2019 Fabrication of Polypropylene Nanofibers from Polypropylene/Polyvinyl Butyral Blend Films Using Laser-Assisted Melt-Electrospinning M. Zakaria and K. Nakane Polymer Engineering & Science, Volume: 60, no. 2 pp: 362-370
6 2018 A Comparative Study of the Mechanical Properties of Jute Fiber and Yarn Reinforced Concrete Composites M. Zakaria, M. Ahmed, M. Hoque, and A. Shaid Journal of Natural Fibers, Volume: 17, no. 5 pp: 676-687
7 2016 Scope of using jute fiber for the reinforcement of concrete material M. Zakaria, M. Ahmed, M. M. Hoque, and S. Islam Textiles and Clothing Sustainability, Volume: 2l, no. 1, pp: 11
8 2016 Chitosan Coated Cotton Fiber: Physical and Antimicrobial Properties for Apparel Use M. A. Rahman Bhuiyan, M. A. Hossain, M. Zakaria, M. N. Islam, and M. Zulhash Uddin Journal of Polymers and the Environment, Volume: 25, no. 2 pp: 334-342
9 2015 Effect of jute yarn on the mechanical behavior of concrete composites M. Zakaria, M. Ahmed, Md. M. Hoque, and A. Hannan SpringerPlus, ,Volume: 4 no. 1 pp: 731
10 2012 Effect of Machine Parameters on Knit Fabric Specifications. S. M. Kabir and M. Zakaria DUET Journal, Volume: 1 no. 3 pp: 5
Publications (Conference):
# Year Title Authors Event
1 2020 Investigation of the Laser Melt Electrospun Low-Density Polyethylene Nanofibers Diameter Varying Melt Flow Rates Mohammad Zakaria, Kanta Shibahara, and Koji Nakane XUT Annual Graduate Conference and International Academic Symposium
2 2019 Structure of laser-assisted melt-electrospun PP nanofibers obtained from PP/PVB blend films Mohammad Zakaria, and Koji Nakane Autumn Meeting of The Society of Fiber Science and Technology
Guided Ph. D./ M.Sc. / M.Engg. Students:
# Programme Awarded Students Running Students
1 B.Sc. 16 4
2 M.Sc. 0 1
Course Conducted:
# Programme Course No Course Title Year
1 M.Sc. TE-6101 Advanced Polymer and Fiber Science 2019-2020