Md. Mamun-Or-Rashid, MPhil

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, DUET, Gazipur

Mr. Md. Mamun-Or-Rashid is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics of Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur born in Banaripara, Barishal in 1992. He finished his SSC in 2006 from Uttarkul Secondary School, Banaripara and HSC in 2008 from Amrita Lal Dey College, Barishal. In 2012, he graduated in Physics from Jahangirnagar University. In the next year (2013), he obtained a postgraduate (M.S.) degree in Physics under the supervision of Professor Dr. Farid Ahmed from the same university. Again in 2022, he completed another postgraduate (M Phil.) degree in Physics under the supervision of Professor Dr. Syed Jamal Ahmed from DUET, Gazipur. Mr. Rashid's major research interests lie in the area of thin film and nanotechnology, semiconductor and photovoltaic materials, perovskite materials, metal oxide semiconductors, and magnetic materials. He has experience in growing thin film using spray pyrolysis, spin coating, hydrothermal route, chemical bath deposition, and electrodeposition techniques as well as fabricating ferrite materials utilizing solid state reaction methods. He is also an expert in UV-vis spectroscopy for optical characterization (absorbance, transmittance, and reflectance) of different solutions/thin films/layers, 4-point probe measurement for thin films/layers resistivity, impedance analyzer for magnetic and electrical measurements, origin plot for calculating and fitting data, Microsoft office, excel and power-point. Mr. Rashid is a young researcher and wants to learn new things in the research field of his interests and is also looking forward to growing an in-depth knowledge on different methods and characterization processes which may help him to establish himself as a quality researcher as well as a quality teacher.

Mobile: +880-1830502020
Email: [email protected]
Office: Room No.: 10017, 9th Floor, Shohid Syed Nazrul Islam Academic Building (New Academic Building), DUET Phone : +88-02-49274034-53 Ext: 5069 (Office),
Address: Sarkar Bari Road, West Vurulia, Joydebpur, Gazipur
Field of interest: Thin film and nanotechnology; Semiconductor and photovoltaic materials; Perovskite materials; Metal oxide semiconductors; and magnetic materials.
Field of specialization: Thin film deposition by spin coating; spray pyrolysis, chemical bath deposition, sol-gel and electroplating techniques and characterizations. Magnetic materials (Ferrites) fabrication by conventional solid state reaction method and characterizations.
Degrees Obtained (Starting from Recent Degrees):
# Degree Institute Year Discipline & Field
1 MPhil Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur 2022 Physics
2 M.Sc. Jahangirnagar University 2013 Physics
3 B.Sc (Hons.) Jahangirnagar University 2012 Physics
4 HSC Amrital Lal Dey College, Barishal 2008 Science
5 SSC Uttarkul Secondary School, Banaripara, Barishal 2006 Science
Employment Record (Starting from Present Position):
# Designation Institute Duration
1 Assistant Professor Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur 2018-03-11 : Continue
2 Lecturer Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur 2015-01-26 : 2018-03-10
Publications (Journal):
# Year Title Authors Event
1 2016 Structural and Electrical behaviors of Zn substituted Li-Ni Ferrite synthesized by Double Sintering Technique Abdulla Al Noman, Md. Mamun-Or-Rashid, Humayun Kabir, M.S. Basher, Mashudur Rahaman, Md. Abdul Gofur, A.T.M.K. Jamil, Syed Jamal Ahmed, Md. Rakibul Qadir and Farid Ahmed JCBPS: Section C: November 2015- January 2016, Vol. 6, No. 1, PP. 113-123
2 2015 Investigation of the Structural, Dielectric and Electrical properties of Zn-substituted Li-Ni ferrite Md. Mamun-Or-Rashid, Humayun Kabir, Mashudur Rahaman, Md. Abdul Gafur, A.T.M.K. Jamil, Syed Jamal Ahmed, Abdulla Al Noman and Farid Ahmed IOSR Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR-JAP) 7(2015) 76-83.
Publications (Conference):
# Year Title Authors Event
1 2021 Optical and structural properties of spin coated Cu2NiSnS4 (CNTS) thin film: effect of thiourea concentration M.M. Rashid, S. Islam, F. Ahmed, M.S. Bashar, A.T.M.K. Jamil and S.J. Ahmed National Conference on Physics-2021, 06-07 August 2021, Bangladesh Physical Society, Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2 2018 Preparation and characterization of spray deposited SrRuO3 thin film for application in electronic devices M. Rasadujjaman, S. Yesmin, M. R. Karim, M. M. Rashid, M. S. Uddin, A. T. M. K. Jamil and S. J. Ahmed International Conference on Physics, 8-10 March, 2018, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
3 2016 Study of the Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Al-substitution Ni-Zn Ferrite M.M.O. Rashid, T.K. Bromho, M. Rahaman, M.S. Bashar, M.A. Gafur, S.J. Ahmed and T. Ferdous International Conference on Physic-2016, 10-12 March, 2016 Bangladesh Physical Society, Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Fellowship / Membership of Scientific and Professional Societies:
# Type Organization Membership Code
1 Member Bangladesh Physical Society LM H0014
2 Member Physics Alumni Association, Jahangirnagar University Life Member
3 Member Jahangirnagar University Alumni Association 7655
Honors and Awards:
# Title Event Year
1 NST Fellowship National Science and Technology, Bangladesh 2013
2 Merit Scholarship Jahangirnagar University 2013
3 Merit Scholarship Jahangirnagar University 2012
4 Merit Scholarship Jahangirnagar University 2011
5 Merit Scholarship Jahangirnagar University 2010
6 Merit Scholarship Jahangirnagar University 2009
7 DBBL Scholarship Dutch Bangla Bank Limited 2007
8 Amrita Lal Dey Scholarship Amrita Lal Dey College 2007
9 Merit Scholarshipr Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Barisal 2006
10 Junior Scholarship Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Barisal 2003
Guided Ph. D./ M.Sc. / M.Engg. Students:
# Programme Awarded Students Running Students
1 M.Sc. 0 1
List of Conferences, Short-term Course etc. Organized or Participated):
# Event Organizer Role Year
1 Foundation Training For University Teachers Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh Trainee 2019
2 Office Course In Computer The German Technical Institute Trainee 2014
Course Conducted:
# Programme Course No Course Title Year
1 B.Sc. Ph-1423 Physics-II 2021-2022
2 B.Sc. Ph-1204 Physics-II Sessional 2021-2022
3 B.Sc. Ph-1703 Physics-II 2021-2022
4 B.Sc. Ph-1704 Physics-II Sessional 2021-2022
5 B.Sc. Ph-1803 Physics-II 2021-2022
6 B.Sc. Ph-2101 Physics-II 2020-2021
7 B.Sc. Ph-1423 Physics-II 2020-2021
8 B.Sc. Ph-1503 Physics-II 2020-2021
9 B.Sc. Ph-1504 Physics-II (Sessional) 2020-2021
10 B.Sc. Ph-1704 Physics-II Sessional 2020-2021
11 B.Sc. Ph-2102 Physics-II Sessional 2019-2020
12 B.Sc. Ph-2202 Physics-III Sessional 2019-2020
13 B.Sc. Ph-1423 Physics-II 2019-2020
14 B.Sc. Ph-1503 Physics-II 2019-2020
15 B.Sc. Ph-1504 Physics-II (Sessional) 2019-2020
16 B.Sc. Ph 1804 Physics-II Sessional 2019-2020
17 B.Sc. Ph 1804 Physics-II Sessional 2019-2020
18 B.Sc. Ph-2102 Physics-II Sessional 2018-2019
19 B.Sc. Ph-2202 Physics-III Sessional 2018-2019
20 B.Sc. Ph-1303 Physics-II 2018-2019
21 B.Sc. Ph-1621 Physics 2018-2019
22 B.Sc. Ph-1704 Physics-II Sessional 2018-2019
23 B.Sc. Ph 1803 Physics-II 2018-2019
24 B.Sc. Ph 1804 Physics-II Sessional 2018-2019
25 B.Sc. Ph-2301 Physics-III 2017-2018
26 B.Sc. Ph-2801 Physics-II 2017-2018
27 B.Sc. Ph-1303 Physics-II 2016-2017
28 B.Sc. Ph-1504 Physics-II (Sessional) 2016-2017
29 B.Sc. Ph-1703 Physics-II 2016-2017
30 B.Sc. Ph-1304 Physics-II Sessional 2015-2016
31 B.Sc. Ph-1204 Physics-II Sessional 2014-2015
32 B.Sc. Ph-1304 Physics-II Sessional 2014-2015
33 B.Sc. Ph-1621 Physics 2014-2015
34 B.Sc. Ph-1704 Physics-II Sessional 2014-2015